The 1885 Kellys Directory gives the address of the Shakespeare as 49 Northgate Street. This was also the address in 1856 when Mrs Mastricht was serving beer in a brand new pub. The Shakespeare was located on the eastern side of Northgate Street, a few yards to the north of the Northgate Vaults.

The Shakespeare is in the middle distance, behind the oncoming cyclist. (Courtesy Paul Best)

The earliest reference to Shakespeare Inn is in 1820 but it had been rebuilt by 1856. It was valued at £2,222 in 1900 . At that time it was owned by the Stroud Brewery Company. A photograph of the pub before it was enlarged shows a simple brick building with ‘Stroud Brewery Co’s celebrated Ales & Stout’ painted on a board fixed between the first and second floor windows. On the ground floor there is a wooden facade with the words ‘The Shakespeare’ and the number 49 painted across the top of the pub front.

The address of the pub was 96 Northgate Street in a 1957 reference – two years before it closed. In its last years as a pub it is believed that the Shakespeare had been acquired by Mitchell & Butlers of Birmingham. Allied Carpets were trading  from 92-96 Northgate Street in 1974. The Shakespeare Inn was demolished and the site of the pub is now occupied by a discount store.

Landlords at the Shakespeare include:

1830 William Smith

1856 Mrs C. Mastricht

1879 Charles Watkins

1885 Harry Passmore

1893 Mrs F.M. Davis

1902 Phineas Bradley

1906 Harry Albert Davis

1919 James Etheridge

1936,1939 Ernest Mullins

1957 Mrs Edith F. Mullins

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