The Seymour Hotel is interesting architecturally. There is an impressive corner entrance with stone carvings. A crest on the top of the door entrance is badly weathered but it is a Godsell & Sons malt shovel clasped in hand emblem.

Mr Carl Ramstedt founded Ramstedt Brothers at the back of the Seymour Hotel in the 1920’s but soon moved to the Bristol Road garage which served the firm from the 1930’s onwards. It became known as dealers in Ford, Hillman and Humber. Carl Ramstedt died in August 1988, aged 84.

In August 1981 Whitbread Flowers submitted plans to extend the Seymour Hotel by acquiring 73 and 75 Linden Road, properties that were already owned by the brewery. One of the properties was in use as a wool shop. Although the local planning officials were against the development, members of the Gloucester City planning sub-committee went against their advice and granted permission for the pub extension. It was argued that the wool shop, although popular, was not something that necessarily fulfilled a specific local need, or was used for ‘top-up’ shopping.

The Seymour had now closed and the building has been converted to residential use.

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Licensing Details:

Owner in 1927: Godsells & Sons, Salmon Springs, Stroud

Owner in 2005: Peregrine Pub Company

Landlords at the Seymour Hotel include:

1893 C.J. Ramstedt

1902 Adolf Ramstedt

1906, 1939 Charles John Ramstedt

1957 Albert A. Smith

1973 Peter Askew

1981-1985 – Joe and Barbara Trigg (moved to Musket Inn)

1997 David Harvey

2006,2007 Mark Ballantyne and Jackie Strawbridge

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