Numbered 13 Henrietta Street in 1870.

Sometimes it is open to question whether the comprehensive list of licensed houses detailed in the 1891 and 1903 returns is entirely accurate. In the case of the Seven Stars in Henrietta Street, which was directly opposite Cheltenham Original Brewery, the owners in 1891 are listed as Godsell & Sons of the Salmon Springs Brewery near Stroud. The very fact that they owned a pub within a stones’ throw of one of their main rivals is surprising, if not mischievous to a degree. The Edwardian era (1903) licensing records show that the Seven Stars was then in the ownership of the Corpus Christi College in Oxford but leased out to Godsell’s Brewery. Why should the Salmon Springs Brewery sell one of their pubs only to immediately lease it back again? The annual rateable value of the Seven Stars, a licensed beer house, remained at the same level of £15.5s.0d. during the twelve-year span from 1891 to 1903.

Landlords of the Seven Stars include:

1844 Robert Summers

1870,1872 Josiah Surman

1878 Mary Ann Spreadbury

1883,1885 William Bragg (William Bragge in 1891)

1903 Edward Harding

1926 Mrs Olive Cooper

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