The Sarah Siddons was built in the 1950’s for West Country Breweries. It was built on the site of the Sydney Arms on the western side of Pittville Street. The whole of the western side was demolished in 1954 to allow for road widening and the construction of a block of modern shops.

The Sarah Siddons was named after the 19th century actress, who reputedly performed in an improvised theatre on the site. It was one of the first bars to be aimed at younger people and had a juke-box, upholstered chairs and sold cocktails. It had many identities at various times including the Sarah Siddons Silver Grill Restaurant, The Sarah Siddons Dial-a-Disc, the Sarah Siddons Disco and the Sarah Siddons Cabaret Bar. In its final years it was known as the Brahms & Lizst and when the bar closed in the 1980’s it was known as Reflections. 

As the Brahms & Liszt Tavern

1974 Michael McKinless (Sarah Siddons Trophy Tavern)

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