This tiny back street local, just off the Bath Road, must have been a real gem in late Victorian times, selling rare beers from Sadler Hall’s brewery at the Royal William in Cranham. William Sadler Hall was the owner of the Sandford Inn in 1891 and 1903. It was licensed as an ale house with an annual rateable value of £15.0s.0d. in 1891 increasing by two pounds to £17.0s.0d. in 1903.

The pub survived until the early 1970’s. It is now a private house in a row of terraces but has a bay window which was probably an original feature of the pub.

The Mitre Inn was situated only a few yards away from the Sandford Inn.

Landlords at the Sandford Inn include:

1844 William Elliott (Sandford Inn, 7 Sandford Street) – researched by Martin Edwards

1856,1870 James Price

1878,1885 Charles Mitchell

1891 Henry Farr

1902,1903 Edward Hudson O. Macey

1906 Ernest John Elms

1919 Harold Edwin Hawkes

1926,1939 Mark Burford Reay

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