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The licensing records are a little vague, simply listing Mrs Lawrence at the Salisbury Arms in both 1891 and 1903. It was classified as an ale house and, throughout those years, the annual rateable value was set at £59.10s.0d.  Mrs Lawrence ran the Salisbury as a free house.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes
Courtesy Michael Wilkes
Pub Spotlight. The Tippler (CAMRA) – Autumn 1982. Pedigree & 6X for 70 pence a pint!
Courtesy Michael Wilkes

The pub stands in a row of fine Regency architecture. It is named after William Salisbury – the man who first made the building a pub in 1847. The Salisbury was tied to Whitbread. In the 1990’s it changed its name to the Tut and Shive. This was an attempt by Whitbread to cash into the real ale revival. The pub was filled with strange items of junk and bygones. It certainly created atmosphere. However, the fad was shortlived and on April 28th 1998 the clutterless pub was relaunched as Hydes Bar. It has since reverted back to ‘The Salisbury’. Enterprise Inns gave a major refurbishment in 2002 and another cosmetic makeover in April 2003.

The premises is now an Italian restaurant – Come A Casa Ristorante.

Landlords at the Salisbury Arms include:

1859 William Salisbury

1870 J.W. Harper

1878 William Salisbury

1883,1891 James Connor

1902 Henry Ball

1903,1906 John Isaac

1919,1927 Harry Evenden

1939 Charles Napier Pearce

1982 Peter Haines

2003 Graham Walters

2003, 2005 Kirsty Wiseman

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