Numbered 6 Larput Place in 1926. The building is now an end of terrace private house with nothing to indicate that it was once a pub.

William Henry Barker was the owner / occupier of the Saddlers Arms in 1891 and, according to the licensing records, he ran it free from brewery tie. The Saddlers Arms was a licensed beer house and had an annual rateable value of £15.5s.0d.

In the 1903 licensing records the pub was still in the ownership of the Barker family with Isabella Lydia Barker listed as owner occupier. The Saddlers Arms remained as a free house and the annual rateable value had increased by one pound and fifteen shillings to £17.0s.0d.

Landlords at the Saddlers Arms include:

1870,1878 Mrs Jemima Holloway

1883 William Barker

1891 William Henry Barker

1903 Isabella Lydia Barker

1939 Albert E. Taylor

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