Cheltenham Original Brewery were the owners of the Royal Well Tavern in both the 1891 and 1903 licensing records. The licence was for a beer house and the annual rateable value throughout those twelve years was a constant £25.10s.0d.

The Royal Well Tavern became a popular music venue catering for people in their late 20’s and early 30’s. It was renamed The Well.

Today the rebranded Tavern is essentially a gastropub.

Notice the West Country Ales ‘Best in the West’ plaque between the windows. It was not in perfect condition but there was no reason to remove it.
The plaque has gone, but the Whitbread ‘stag’ emblem above the door has also disappeared.
Trading as The Tavern

Landlords at the Royal Well Tavern include:

1870 James Hobbs

1878,1883 Eliza Hobbs

1891 Job Dyer

1903 Eliza Dyer

1926 John Edward Jarvis

1939 Mrs Adelaide Jarvis

2000,2005 Jerry and Margaret Beard

2008 Sam Pearman

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