The 1844 and 1881 references give the address as Back Street.

The brewery owners of the Royal Standard are of interest as it appears to have been acquired by a rival company. Was this an agreed transaction between the Stroud and Nailsworth breweries, or were there devious tactics being employed? Perhaps the Stroud Brewery voluntarily relinquished the licence of the Royal Standard which they owned in 1891and simply transferred the licence to another establishment, but usually that necessitates closure of the pub. Nailsworth Brewery are listed as the owners in 1903. Throughout this time span from late Victorian to early Edwardian periods the annual rateable value remained constant at £15.5s.0d. The Royal Standard was a licensed ale house

Landlords at the Royal Standard include:

1844 T. Hodges

1856 S. Raven

1870 James Potter

1878 Mrs Barr

1883,1891 Elizabeth Albino

1902,1926 William Young

1927 Mrs E.M. Young

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