30 Eastgate Street in original street numbering. In 1894 it was a tied house of the Gloucester City Brewery. It later became one of the few Gloucestershire pubs to be owned by Salt & Co., of Burton on Trent. The crystal clear amber coloured hoppy flavoured ales with the distinctive Burton water taste must have been a welcome change to the more maltier beers usually available in Gloucester.

The Rising Sun had closed by 1911 and the building was converted into the City Cinema. The auditorium, balcony and stalls of the City Cinema seated 400 and it had two projectors. By 1915 the cinema had again been converted to a music hall venue called the Hippodrome. Gracie Fields is known to have performed there. In 1954 the Hippodrome became the first venue in the city to have wide screen Cinemascope and stereo sound. In 1955 the cinema was badly damaged by fire – the fire was discovered in the roof and 1,239 patrons were safely evacuated in the space of four minutes. It was rebuilt and re-opened in June 1956. Rank bought the cinema soon afterwards and renamed it the Gaumont. It closed on April 22nd 1961. The last film to be shown was ‘Murder Incorporated’. The building was demolished to make way for British Home Stores (BHS).

August 26th, 1897 – To the Overseers of the Poor in the Parish of Gloucester and to the Superintendent of Police of the District of Gloucester, and to all others it may concern.

‘I, James Samuel King, of the Rising Sun Inn, Eastgate Street, in the City of Gloucester, Licensed Victualler, do hereby give notice that it is my intention to apply at the Adjourned General Annual Licensing Meeting for the City of Gloucester to be held at the Shire Hall in the said City on Monday, the 20th day of September, 1897, at the hour of 11 o’clock in the forenoon, for a license to Sell by Retail Wines, Spirits, Ale, Beer, Stout and Cider and Perry at a house known as the ‘Rising Sun’, Eastgate Street aforesaid, to be drunk and consumed either on or off the said premises of which Messrs Thomas Salt and Company, of Burton on Trent, are the owners, and of which I am the occupier.

Dated this 26th day of August 1897. JAMES SAMUEL KING.

Licensing Details:

Type of licence in 1897: Beerhouse

Owners in 1897: Thomas Salt & Co., Burton on Trent

Landlords at the Rising Sun include:

1859 William Tandy

1893 F. Biddle

1897 James Samuel King

1906 F. Ireland

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