By the 1830’s there were thee reservoirs at Robin Hood’s Hill (as it was then) to supply 80,000 gallons a day in pipes of different gauges (from 2 and a half inches to six inches). The supply was rather limey and laced with various organic matter. The City of Gloucester bought the Robinswood reservoirs in 1855.

There is a reference to the Reservoir Inn in 1849 and 1856. There is an undated reference to the owners being the Gloucester Local Board of Health. The pub was later de licensed and used as tea rooms. It was still being used as tea rooms during the Second World War. Mr Townsend was the proprietor. Just before his death the premises was described as a “broken down old building with a smelly old man living in it.”  The Gloucester Archaeological Unit exposed the footings of the building in a recent dig.


1856 J. Ford

John Holdman Wright – date not recorded

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