The Princes Plume was once tied to the Nailsworth Brewery. I believe that the Princes Plume closed in the early 1970’s. It is now an end of terraced house with nothing to indicate that it was once a pub. It is at the far end of Princes Street on the west side near the Cheltenham Cricket Club.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

William Marmon was both the owner and occupier of the Princes Plume, a free house, in 1891. The pub had a beer house licence with an annual rateable value of £20.5s.0d. It seems that William Marmon was approached in view of a sale by the Nailsworth Brewery as the Princes Plume was in their possession in the 1903 licensing returns. The change of ownership had no effect on the rateable value, remaining constant at twenty pounds and five shillings.

Landlords at the Princes Plume include:

1870 Mr. Marmon

1878,1891 William Marmon

1903 John Carter

1926,1939 Henry George Cleaveley

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