The Princes Plume called ‘last orders’ many years ago (1970’s?) and, for a long time, it was in a run down condition desperately in need of restoration. Since the pub closed the premises has been used as a bicycle shop (Castle Cycles) and, more recently, an Al-Murad store – Britain’s largest independent ceramic tiles and natural stone importer and retailer. The Princes Plume still retains a [now hidden] West Country Ales ceramic plaque and the inscription ‘Celebrated Fine Ales & Stout’ is prominent in raised lettering.

July 2006.
2010. Note the covered up West Country Ales ‘Best in the West’ plaque.

When the property was being renovated in 1999 the vehicular access to the left of the old pub was bricked up and the ‘new look’ Al-Murad was extended to cover the ground floor. Four residential flats were built on the first floor. The exterior of the Princes Plume is now restored to its former glory. The yellow Al-Murad sign above the front door has been placed over the raised masonry ‘Princes Plume’ pub name.

Landlords at the Princes Plume include:

1879 W. Avery

1893: Miss A. Maynard

1906 Mrs A. Eldridge

1936,1939 Margaret Pritchard

1957 Jack Bolton

1970’s Sid Bircher

1978 Eileen Bircher

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