Occupier in 1891: Matthew Smith

Owner in 1891: Georges & Co., Ltd., Bristol Brewery

Description of Licence: Beerhouse & Wine

Gross Estimated Rental: £75.0s.0d.

Rateable Value: £41.0s.0d.

Six or Seven Days Licence: 7

Tied or Free? If tied to whom: Georges & Co., Ltd., Bristol Brewery

If tenant, nature of tenancy: Annual

Number of times transferred in the last five years: 1

Landlords at the Prince Albert include:

1891 Matthew Smith

1915 Lewis Tarr (1915 Bristol & Suburbs Trade Directory)

Hardington’s Traditional Bitter; Best Bitter; Jubilee; Moonshine; Old Lucifer; Guest Beer (H)

Hardington’s second pub, sticking to their ‘no-frills’ design. Two bars offer six ales. Guest beer is often one of Hardington’s occasional brews. A conversation pub. Occasional live music.

Last Guide to Avon’s Ale (CAMRA, 1996)

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