The Potters Arms was located on the main village road opposite the village hall. This was the original site of the Black Horse Inn. The building is now part of what is now the Old House. When William Keene was the landlord, Eleanor Cuff, a customer, brought charges against him in 1787. She said that she saw a stick with a string attached across the bunghole of a beer barrel, and when she drew the string up she found a ‘large toad tied by the leg at the end of the said string”. She went on to say that she had often heard that the said William Keene put “toads or other things into his beer to fine it”.


1761 (and prior to this date) Thomas Castle (Black Horse)

1761-1794 William & Sarah Keene (Sarah was Castle’s daughter) (Black Horse)

1794-1796 Sarah Keene (Black Horse)

1796-1806 William & Hannah Verrinder (Hannah was Keene’s daughter) (Black Horse)

1806-1819 William Verrinder (Black Horse)

1819-1835 William Verrinder jnr (Black Horse)

1835 Joseph Lovegrove (Potters Arms)

1851 Hester Gastrell (Potters Arms)

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