91 Alfred Street and on the corner of Windmill Parade. The Plough Inn was originally tied to Smith & Sons Brimscombe Brewery and was sold to Wintles Forest Brewery, Mitcheldean in 1915.

The Plough Inn once overlooked the Great Western Railway goods yard and trains departing the GWR central station on their way to Bristol and London passed in front of the pub.

The Citizen: 9th July, 1977 – Found drinking after hours: A city licensee and two customers appeared in Gloucester City Magistrates Court yesterday for offences involving drinking after hours. David Neil Sullivan, of the Plough Hotel, Alfred Street, was fined a total of £50 after pleading guilty to aiding and abetting Obadiah Davies and Harry Evans to drink outside the permitted licensing hours on May 14th. The two men both admitted drinking after hours. Inspector Peter Sharpe, prosecuting, said there was a possibility of the renewal of the licence for the hotel being opposed as a result. Two officers visited the premises at 3.30 pm and found Evans and Davies drinking. They approached Sullivan, who said the two men were hotel guests though he did admit they were not resident. He also said he thought it was normal practice for the officers to ring the doorbell before they came in. In court, Sullivan said he had had domestic difficulties and had invited the two men in specially to drink with him. Evans and Davies were each fined £10.

On August 21st 1985 the pub was renamed the Great Western (as part of the GWR 150 celebrations). The sign was unveiled by Maurice Lock, one of the longest serving British Rail employees in Gloucester. The sign depicted a Castle Class loco on one side, and a Class 47 diesel locomotive on the other, both sharing the name ‘Great Western.  but ironically it has now become isolated from the railway by the building of the inner relief road (Metz Way) which is elevated in front of the pub.

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Landlords at the Plough Inn / Great Wester include:

1879 Adelaide Pearce (Plough, Windmill)

1885 James Nichol

1893: E. Turley

1902 Thomas Wallace

1906 Edmund Durley

1919 Mrs Minie E. Gardner

1927 Sidney Bick

1936,1939 Albert Victor Etheridge

1957 William E. Cranfield

1956-1962 Albert Hamli

1977 David Neil Sullivan

1999, 2004 Lyn Mann (Great Western)

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