The 17th century cottage stood just to the north of Callowell Farm and housed the Plough Inn until at least 1882. The Plough Inn must have been one of the nearest pubs to Godsell’s Brewery in Salmon Springs. However, there is no mention of the pub in the 1891 and 1903 books of licensed premises in Gloucestershire.

John Rogers (who can remember drinking in some long closed pubs in the Stroud Valleys) told me in January 2008 that although he never drank in the pub he thought it was known as the Callowell Inn.

In June 2022 I was contacted by John Phelps who told me that his father Jack Phelps was the landlord of the Plough Inn. His mother Hilda took on the licence when Jack passed away. John pointed out that the pub was never known as the Callowell Inn, and the Plough closed in 1962 as the building was deemed unsafe. It was demolished soon afterwards.

This page will be updated, and clarified, with additional information.

Map Reference: SO 884064

The approximate site of the Plough Inn at Callowell
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