The Parrot Inn was in the village of Hewelsfield close to the church.

It is documented that a friendly society met at the Parrot in 1805. It sold beers from the local Redbrook Brewery; Eliza Burgham, proprietor of the Redbrook Brewery, is recorded as owner of the Parrot Inn in 1891 and 1903.  It had an annual rateable value of £12.17s.6d. and was classified as an alehouse. Closing time was at 10 pm. I have not seen any references to the Parrot Inn after 1906, which suggests that it had closed by the time of the outbreak of the First World War.

The two-storey house on the east side of the churchyard that once housed the Parrot Inn bears a date stone of 1706.

Landlords at the Parrot Inn include:

1876 John Thomas (also listed as a timber merchant)

1885 George Scrivens

1891,1892  Samuel Morris.

1902,1906 Nehemiah Moulton

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