The Original Stout House or Original Inn would have been on the eastern side of St. Georges Place near the junction with the High Street. The address was 2 St. Georges Place.

The Original Stout House, was owned by Henry Herbert in 1891 and it traded as a free house without brewery tie. It was licensed as a beer house, but the contemporary licensing records give no indication of its annual rateable value. The Herbert family were still owners in 1903 (Mrs Herbert) yet the leasehold had been taken by Flowers Brewery of Stratford on Avon.

The Original Stout House closed 4th on August 1960. The licence was transferred to the Golden Miller, a new-build pub in Rowanfield.


1870 C. Evans (Original Inn, St. Georges Street (sic)

1870,1891 Henry Herbert

1903 Charles Moulder

1939 Mrs Laura K. Holtam

1955, 1960 Albert Wallace Adams

1960 Alex Stuart Field

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