63 Burton Street in 1939 directory. The building still stands, now in private occupancy, set back a few yards from the Lower High Street on the western side of Burton Street. It is in a row of terraced houses but has an unusual archway, which has now been blocked off. This must have once been used for stabling horses to the rear.

Godsell & Sons of the Salmon Springs Brewery in Stroud owned the Old Packhorse in Burton Street in both 1891 and 1903. Licensed as a beer house it had a constant annual rateable value of £17.0s.0d. throughout the twelve years from the 1891 returns to the 1903 revision.

Landlords at the Old Packhorse include:

1870,1883 Daniel Jones

1891 William Henry Gardner

1903 Eliza Poole

1939 Ernest John Spencer

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