King Street ran from Eastgate Street to St. Aldate Street. The site is now occupied by the Kings Walk shopping precinct. There is a reference in Bennetts Directory of 1908 to the Old Folk at Home.

The license of the Old House at Home was referred to compensation authority in 1934. It closed its doors in October 1937. It was demolished to make way for redevelopment. 

The Citizen, Wednesday 6th July 1988 – Letters to the editor. Memories of the pub where I was born. Sir, I would like to contribute a letter in behalf of my parents, as they were the last publicans to have the Old House at Home in King Street. I would also like to say I was born there and we closed the doors in October 1937. As I remember we had one bar and upstairs was a club-room where stars from the live theatre around the corner to have a quiet drink.

Off King Street I remember Freeman Hardy Willis (shoes), (typewriting shop), Old Contemptibles Club (safer Midland Autos Electric), Rawley Jackson (brother of the haulage company), Pub, (Hills leather saddlery) and Cantillons shoe repairer.

P.J. Lane,

Severn Vale School Bungalow, School Lane, Quedgeley


1859 John Mills

1879 Amos Chandler

1893 Mrs A. Ballinger

1906 Mrs A. Dyer

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