There are references to the Old Dial Inn at 92 Westgate Street in the 1879 Gloucester Directory and 93 Westgate Street in 1919. Upon renumbering the address was 150 Westgate Street.

The Old Dial Inn was on the western corner of Westgate Street and Swan Lane. The White Swan was on the eastern corner of Westgate Street and Swan Lane.

The Old Dial was the building in the centre of the image, to the left of the White Swan.
The approximate location of the Old Dial.

The Old Dial closed on 28th March 1956.

Landlords at the Old Dial Inn include:

1856 W.G. Harman

1879 F. Bailey

1885 John Bailey

1893 W.H. Bullock

1896 (December) George Alfred Virgo

1902 Benjamin Wakeman

1906 Mrs Isabella Wakeman

1907 Mrs J. Wakeman

1919 Walter Henry Bullock

1927,1939 Frederick J. Gagg

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