Fellow local history historian and pub enthusiast Martin Edwards has compiled a list of pubs that were trading in the early reign of Queen Victoria in 1844. He has identified two pubs in Tewkesbury Road at that time that were named the Anchor. The Anchor Inn, a beer house, had Joseph Clapton in occupancy and the Old Anchor, another beer house, had Simon Snowsell listed as landlord. Two pubs or one?

The 1870 directory refers to the Anchor Inn. 52 Tewkesbury Road in 1939 Kellys Directory.

James Wilcox was the owner of the Old Anchor Inn in 1891 and he leased the premises to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. At the time it was a licensed beer house with an annual rateable value of £15.5s.0d. During the following twelve years the Original Brewery secured full ownership of the Old Anchor and the RV per annum had increased by fifteen shillings to £16.0s.0d. in 1903.

The Old Anchor was located midway between Queen Street and Sun Street. The building was demolished in 1960 when Tewkesbury Road was widened.

Looking west down Tewkesbury Road during road widening preparation. The Old Anchor was in the group of buildings behind the Morris Minor. (Photo Courtesy Vic Cole)

Landlords at the Old Anchor include:

1844 Joseph Clapton (Anchor Inn) – Simon Snowsell (Old Anchor).

1870,1883 James Wilcox

1891 Edward Savory

1903 Samuel Barnett

1939 A.W. Barnett

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