The Gloucester Directory of 1879 refers to the Royal Oak in Lower Barton Street. The address of the Oak Inn is given as 350 Barton Street in 1936 and 1957. A regular customer in the 1950’s was Sid Fawlk, a British Railways steam locomotive driver, who was a skilled darts player. He would entertain the locals at the Oak with his darts-playing skills and was winner of an inter-town competition.

The Oak was situated opposite Hatfield Road near the junction with Hatherley Road. In the 1980’s the Oak organised charity raising events. In September 1986 one local walked a 36 mile marathon from Chepstow via the Forest of Dean to the Oak in Barton Street to raise money for a local boy suffering from a muscle wasting disease.

The approximate site of the Oak Inn.

The Citizen: Wednesday, January 13th, 1988 – Girl hurt in crossing collision: Gloucester police are looking for a driver whose car collided with a 10-year-old girl on a pedestrian crossing. The accident happened yesterday outside the Oak Inn pub, Barton Street, home of the victim Michelle Cameron. The driver failed to stop after the accident which happened at 6.35pm. She said: “I was going to the shop. I pressed the button, the lights went orange then read. Then the green man came on. I stepped into the road and a car came. It was quite dark but it [the car] didn’t have its lights on. Police said Michelle was taken to hospital but not detained.

The Oak was a popular pub, serving the community until at least the late 1980’s. Yet I have never seen a photograph of the Oak Inn. There must be some images of the pub. Can anyone help?


1879 William Woodward (Royal Oak, Lower Barton Street)

1893, 1906 H. Jones

1936 Mrs F. Roberts

1939,1957 Mrs Alice F. Kibby

1970 – Les and Doris Hill

1986,1989 Bill Whitmore

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