Gloucestershire Chronicle. March 12th 1870 – A tramp named Margaret Jones had gone to the Northend Wine Vaults on Thursday night and when refused relief she had become abusive and violent. She was sentenced to twenty days hard labour. 

The Northend Vaults was once tied to the Stroud Brewery Company. There was an illuminated sign on the pub in the late 1950’s advertising ‘Stroud Brewery’s Cotswold Beers’.  Behind the facade of the pub is a much older building, possibly dating back over 500 years.

To the right of the Northend Vaults is Wilkinsons store -a bland modern brick building that was originally built as a Tesco supermarket in the 1960’s. The modern development replaced the Northgate Methodist Church that was constructed c.1860. This church was an architectural gem with twin spires with a central circular window of grandiose proportions. It seems a travesty that the planners were prepared to see this wonderful building raised to the ground to be replaced with a bland modern edifice. It is perhaps surprising that the Northend Vaults survived the frenzy of the demolition contractors.

Courtesy Darrel Kirby

When Ted and Joyce Hughes ran the Northend Vaults in the 1960’s and 1970’s they also offered bed and breakfast accommodation at the pub. The Northend Vaults was renamed the Tut ‘n’ Shive for a short period under Whitbread ownership but then nearly reverted back to its original name. For some strange reason the refurbishment in May 1996 the new look pub was called Ebenezer Riley’s Northend Vaults. Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the Ebenzeer Riley branding was eventually removed.

The Citizen: Saturday, February 11th 1989 – Beauty of a start for pub: Miss Gloucester, Diana Lee, is to re-open the Northend Vaults in Northgate Street on Friday, after a major refurbishment by Whitbread Severn Inns. The 16th Century pub has been completely refurbished and extended. Managers Pat and Tina Hoben have many years experience in the trade and are looking forward to building up a new clientele.

Simply The Vaults in 2013.

Landlords at the Northend Vaults include:

1869 Ephraim Lloyd (Northend Wine Vaults)

1870 Edwin Cook (Northend Wine Vaults)

1893. 1906 Mrs M.A. Dobbs (Northend Wine Vaults in 1891 & 1906)

1927 H.G. Harris

1939,1939 Mrs Ethel Louisa Walton

1957 Herbert M. Walton

1963-1981 Charles Edward ‘Ted’ and Joyce Hayes (from Wellington Arms)

1989 Pat and Tina Hoben (Managers)

Owners in 2003: Enterprise Inns (operated by Excelsior Leisure, Gloucester)

2005 Naomi Langmead

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