2 London Road in 1939.

The Northgate Hotel was an Ind Coope & Allsopp tied house during its latter years. This might suggest that it was once owned by A.V. Hatton & Co. of nearby George Street who traded as the Northgate Brewery. Hatton’s Northgate Brewery and their tied estate were acquired by Ind Coope.

The Northgate Hotel was opposite the Black Dog Inn. Both pubs were popular with farmers and market traders when the Gloucester Cattle Market was held nearby.

When workmen were demolishing the old hotel in 1980 to make way for a new inner ring road (Black Dog Way) an ammunition belt with over fifty rounds of live bullets was found on the site of the Northgate Hotel.

Landlords at the Northgate Hotel include:

1870 James Hall Farmer

1870 Elizabeth Murphy

1885 Richard Schollar

1893 T. Gillson

1906 Samuel Brough

1919 Frank K. Halse

1927 Frederick G Price

1936 T. Collerick

1939 Albert Lionel Harris

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