The New Zealand was in an isolated position, located up a bank, off the road from Littledean to Newnham between Grange Village and Cookshoot Farm.  It was at least a mile and a half west of Newnham. The nearby Cockshoot Farms has the post code GL14 1HH.

Edmund Blewett owned the New Zealand Inn in 1891, and it was a beer house with no brewery tie. There was a family dispute within the family as a year earlier in February 1890 ‘William Blewett, a Cinderford collier, was suing Edmund Blewett of the New Zealand Inn, the executor of the late William Blewett, to recover £39.15s.4d., which was due to him in the will.’ The Blewett family were certainly characters of questionable morality as John Blewett, landlord of the New Zealand in 1854, was fined for opening after hours. (John Blewett died in December 1878, aged 84). In 1903 Sarah Ann Blewett was the owner of the New Zealand. It had an annual rateable value of £18.0s.0d. and closed at 11 pm.

In 1916 the license of the New Zealand was transferred from John Henry Legg to Frederick Henry Reed, but the licence was voluntarily lapsed in 1917.

Landlords at the New Zealand include:

1854 John Blewett

1891 Edmund Blewett 

1903 Sarah Ann Blewett

1916 John Henry Legg

1916 Frederick Henry Reed

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