Research on the New Inn is complicated as there were two pubs in Lower Lydbrook with that name, although almost certainly not concurrent with each other.  To verify the information stated here more research is required, so please be aware this is not definitive.

The Courtfield Arms is listed as the New Inn in the 1885 Kelly’s Directory of Gloucestershire, but a New Inn at Waters Cross, near the junction with Vention Lane on the B4234 road from Lydbrook to Ross on Wye, is known to have been trading in 1773. In that year a ‘cock fighting match’ between the ‘gentlemen’ of Gloucester and Monmouth, took place at the New Inn at Lydbrook.’ George Westone was the innkeeper.

In 1807 the ‘Gloucester Journal’ included a notification of the sale of the New Inn, which took place by auction at the Swan Inn, Ross on Wye on Thursday 17th April ‘between the hours of three and five in the afternoon’. The inn was described as ‘commodious and well-accustomed’ with ‘stable, mill-house, garden, lands and premises thereunto belonging…. ‘together with several safe, spacious and convenient wharfs on the banks of the River Wye, and adjoining the said premises.’

There are no records of the New Inn after the middle of the 19th century. It is interesting that references to the Queens Head begin after the apparent demise of the New Inn. Was the licence transferred from the New Inn to the Queens Head? Or perhaps the Queens Head was the same premises as the New Inn, but substantially refurbished?

Landlords at the New Inn include:

1773 George Westone

1806 John Harrison

1829 Mrs Pearce

1835 John Thompson

1840 Richard Harrison

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