The New Inn, on the corner of Hewlett Road and Duke Street, was once tied to the nearby Carlton Brewery. The Carlton Brewery was acquired by Charles Garton of Bristol.

Charles Garton & Co. of Bristol were the owners of the New Inn in 1891. Licensed as an ale house it had an annual rateable value of £51.0s.0d. The business of Garton & Co was acquired by the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery in Shepton Mallet in Somerset. In the 1903 licensing returns the RV per annum had decreased by nine pounds and five shillings to £40.15.0d.. The explanation for the decrease is not known.

In the 1960’s the New Inn was a West Country Ales pub. A ‘men only’ bar was retained – a relic of the past – into the early 1970’s. There was also a Jug and Bottle department in the Duke Street side of the building but this was lost in a later refurbishment.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes
Courtesy Michael Wilkes

The New Inn was re-branded by Whitbread as the Pump and Optic. It was still a traditional pub split into a saloon and lounge bar. It was put on the market in 2001. The pub became part of the Cheltenham Slak chain, which also ran the Beehive in the Suffolks, The Tivoli and Slak Bar (ex Garricks Head).

The pub then became the Fiery Angel, an open-plan pub offering family food from the grill.

The next incarnation of the one-time New Inn was the Fairview, a name that may have been familiar to some as there was once a pub called the Fairview Inn in Fairview Road. This identity did not last long. The pub finally closed a few years ago and the property has been converted to residential use.

Landlords at the New Inn / Pump & Optic / Fiery Angel include:

1844 Charles Turk

1859 William Smith

1870 William Price

1883,1885 John Higgins

1891 Mary Jane Ireland

1902,1906 Frederick Reed

1916 Mr G. Stephens

1919 Mrs Edith Stephens

1926 Albert Edward Stanley

1927 Cecil Charles Channon

1939 Charles Geo. Cross

1999 James Anderson

1999 Geoff Smith (Pump and Optic. Geoff died Christmas Eve 1999)

2005 Eugenie Snell (Fiery Angel)

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