26 Lower Westgate Street in original numbering.

Gloucester Journal: September 8th, 1877 – No Name: Yesterday evening, at the Nags Head Inn in this city, Mr loveday (coroner) held an inquest on the body of a woman whose surname could not be discovered. For the last three years she had been living in the Island with a man named Jones, whom she assisted in selling watercresses and other similar occupations. Jones informed the Coroner that he never knew her name and never heard of anyone who did. She always told people to call her “Annie”. She was in the habit of eating very little food – in fact he believed she had not consumed sixpennyworth in two months. Verdict (after further evidence): Death by natural cause, accelerated by drinking.

Gloucester Journal: (9th) February 1885 – Narrow Escape: On Saturday a boy named Price was playing with some other boys, on the banks of the Severn, at the bottom of Nags Head yard, when he accidentally fell into the water. The cries of his frightened companions attracted a man, who rescued the boy from his perilous situation. Mr E.D. Bowers, surgeon, was passing at the time and restored animation to the boy, who had become insensible.

The Gloucester Citizen reported on 12th March 1906 that the “downstairs accommodation was not very great. There were four licence premises within one hundred yards. There was a passage leading to cottages adjoining the house. There was no stabling attached.”

On 15th February 1908 it was deemed as “not being required to meet the wants of the neighbourhood.”


1830 Thomas Brewer

1856,1859 Charles Compton

1879 Ann Bick

1885 Edward Pritchard

1893 C. Williams

1902,1908 Charles Williams

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