The Montpellier Ale Stores was an outlet for Harper & Neames’ of Stroud and latterly Nailsworth Brewery. The Montpellier Ale Stores was licensed as a beer house and had a rateable value of £16.0s.0d. per annum, unchanged from 1891 to 1903. Holmes, Harper & Neave had a brewery in Church Street in Stroud in 1892, but the partnership was dissolved when Alan Neame transferred the brewing to the Eagle Brewery in Bowbridge. The Nailsworth Brewery then acquired the Eagle Brewery in 1897, closing it down. Thus, the ownership of the Montpellier Ale Stores of Harper & Neames as documented in the 1891 licensing returns must have been transcribed just before the demise of their Church Street Brewery.

Landlords at the Montpellier Ale Stores include:

1891 Henry James Tanner

1903 Albert Edward Smith

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