The Mitre Inn was situated in a back street off the Bath Road.

George Stibbs of the Cheltenham Steam Brewery in Albion Street, Cheltenham, owned the Mitre Inn in 1891. The Mitre Inn was licensed as an ale house and had an annual rateable value of £34.0s.0d., the RV staying at the same value from 1891 to 1903.  The business of Stibbs’ Albion Steam Brewery was acquired by the Cheltenham Original Brewery in 1898 together with the houses in the estate including the Mitre Inn.

In the early 1990’s  it was acquired by Banks’s of Wolverhampton but closed in November 1997. In the summer of 1999 it was refurbished and traded very successfully from August as a wine bar / real ale pub called Mitres.  It even won the Cheltenham CAMRA branch ‘Pub of the Year’ in 2002 gaining a place in the Good Beer Guide.

Kelly Sheen, and son Mike in 1993. Note the price of Banks’s Mild … 1.20 a pint! Image: Gloucestershire Echo.
Image: Gloucestershire Echo. Kelly Sheen in 1993.

It closed unexpectedly in 2003 and has since been converted to residential flats. A West Country Ales ceramic plaque that was on the wall was removed during conversion.

The Mitre in residential use… minus the ‘Best in the West – West Country Ales’ plaque.

Landlords at the Mitre Inn include:

1830 Samuel Baldry (Mitre, Bath Road)

1856 G. Stibbs

1859 Josiah Nicholls

1870,1891 George Stibbs

1902 Arthur Williamson

1903,1906 Albert Edward Lloyd

1919,1939 Albert Henry Carpenter

1978-1996 Paddy and Pauline Morrisey

1993 Kelly Sheen, and son Mike Sheen

2002 Kevin Newbould

2003 Meyrick Forbes

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