The Gloucester Journal reported on the 17th June 1905 quoting from the Gloucestershire Licensing Committee: “this particular part of town having the biggest cluster of licensed houses in Cheltenham. The Masonic was the smallest of the lot of them and structurally unfit. There were seven ale houses and five beer houses in Albion Street, including the Masonic Arms”. The Masonic Arms was near the junction with Pittville Street.

Henry William Holliday was the owner of the Masonic Arms in both 1891 and 1903 of which the leasehold was taken by the Cheltenham Original Brewery. Licensed as a beer house the Masonic Arms had an annual rateable value of £17.0s.0d. which remained unchanged throughout those twelve years.

Landlords at the Masonic Arms include:

1870 Catherine Choate

1878,1891 Joseph Watkins

1903 Arthur Thomas Price

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