The Malvern Inn was one of the meeting places for the plotters and participants in the bitter and violent Leckhampton Riots of  1902 and Easter 1906. Henry J Dale of the Leckhampton Quarry Company had bought Leckhampton Hill in 1894 and had fenced it off, publicly stating that anyone found on the previous common land would be treated as a trespasser. In March 1902 group of 10,000 protesters gathered at Tramway Cottage on the hill, the residence of Mr Dale, and tore the building down with their bare hands. Some of the rioters had previously drunk several pints of Cheltenham Ale at the Malvern Inn.

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Cheltenham Original Brewery were the owners of the Malvern Inn in 1891. Licensed as an ale house it had an annual rateable value of £25.10s.0d. Twelve years later the rateable value on the property had increased by eight pounds and ten shillings to £34.0s.0d. The Original Brewery remained owners.

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The pub had a long association with the town brewery, passing through Cheltenham Original, Cheltenham & Hereford, West Country and Whitbread ownership. The Malvern Inn was acquired by pub company Greenall’s in the early 1990’s. Greenall’s had previously been a regional brewery in the North West of England (Greenall Whitley).

Despite concerted efforts by local residents to save it as a pub the Malvern Inn closed in September 1997 and it was converted into a house. Five houses were also built in the car park.

Landlords at the Malvern Inn include:

1878,1883 Mrs Cotton

1891 Letitia Miriam Kirkham

1903 Robert George Cotton

1919,1939 Frederick Albert Tovey

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