Numbered 184 High Street and latterly 325 the London Ale & Porter Stores was on the western corner of the St. Pauls Street South junction (North side of the High Street). In recent years it has been G.T.V. radio and television spares shop. There is no evidence to suggest that it was ever a licensed property.

Mrs Wheeler was the owner of the London Ale & Porter Stores in 1891 and 1903. Licensed as a beer house the property had an annual rateable value of £21.5s.0d. in 1891, increasing by one pound and ten shillings to £22.15s.0d. in 1903. Mrs Wheeler leased the London Ale & Porter Stores to the Cheltenham Original Brewery.

Landlords at the London Ale & Porter Stores include:

1870,1878 Thomas Dollery

1883 Mrs Mary Stanbridge

1891 Thomas George Barker

1896 G.P. Tapp

1903 William Armstrong

1906 Mrs F.G. Oliver

1926 Elizabeth Miller – beer retailer

1939 Thomas Griffiths

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