Commercial Street, off Bath Road, was known as Union Street South in 1926 reference. There were at least two pubs in Commercial Street, the Lamb and Flag being the other.

Courtesy Michael Wilkes.

William Stone Lane was the owner of the Little Crown in 1891 and he ran it as a free house with no brewery tie. The Little Crown was a humble beer house with an annual rateable value of £23.15s.0d. It is likely that William was approached by the Nailsworth Brewery Company for a possible sale as it was in their ownership in 1903. The annual rateable value increased by one pound and fifteen shillings to £25.10s.0d.

Note the surviving pub sign bracket to the left of the building.

The Little Crown closed down in 1980.  I can recall it being a very small traditional back street corner local and it sold excellent West Country P.A. on handpump.

It has been converted into veterinary surgeons and was regularly seen on the BBC programme ‘Vets in Practice’.

Landlords at the Little Crown include:

1844 Daniel Boulton (Crown, Union Street)

1870 John Philipps

1891 Clement Press

1903 Arthur William Ryder

1926 Alfred Thomas Matthews

1939 Alfred William Small

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