An 1873 Gloucester Directory listing gives the address of the Life Boat Inn as 37 Southgate Street. It was located on the western side of Southgate Street between Commercial Road and Kimbrose. The modern day numbering equates to 74 Southgate Street.

Gloucester Journal, Saturday 22nd January 1870:  Bankruptcy Act 1861– James Smart of the Life Boat Inn Southgate Street in the City of Gloucester, baker and publican having been adjudged bankrupt on the 30th day of December 1869. A public sitting for the said bankrupt to pass his examination and make application for his discharge will be held at the court at the Shire Hall Gloucester on the 10th day of February 1870 at half past eleven o’clock.

Gloucester Journal: April 26th, 1873: Police told the court that Archers eating-house and the Lifeboat were now worse harbours for girls than ever before. They added that Commercial Road and Leatherbottle Lane were the worst spots of Gloucester of an evening.


1873,1879 James Smart

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