The Lansdown Inn was a fine regency pub situated on the A40 Gloucester Road.

Frederick George Houghton owned the Lansdown Inn in 1891 and he ran it as a free house with no brewery tie. At the time the annual rateable value of the property, a licensed ale house, was £32.5s.0d. The Lansdown Inn was then acquired by Godsell & Sons of Stroud. Perhaps upon acquisition Godsell’s Salmon Springs Brewery undertook extensive refurbishments and alterations, as in 1903 the annual rateable value had almost doubled to £63.15s.0d.

Courtesy John Bird.

The Stroud Brewery Courier reported in December 1948 that “considerable alterations and improvements were carried out in 1937. Recently a very modern Snack Bar has been fitted where food of all kinds is provided. The bar is proving very popular, a feature of which is the attractive mural paintings on the walls executed by Mr Cedric J Kennedy of Cheltenham illustrating the Amberley Inn and the Prince Albert Inn at Rodborough.”

Courtesy Michael Wilkes

The Lansdown Inn was demolished in the mid 1980’s and an American themed T.G.I Fridays. (Thank God its Fridays) now occupies the site. Whitbread was responsible for the redevelopment of the site as they own T.G.F.

The site of the Lansdown Inn.

Landlords at the Lansdown Inn include:

1844,1859 Thomas Werrett

1870 John Spreadbury

1878 William Smart

1885,1891 Charles William Wells

1891 Joseph Herbert Waters

1902, 1906 Walter Frost (Walter Harry K. Frost in 1903)

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