The Lamb Inn was located near the old Cattle Market.

Dog Lane was a thoroughfare which once linked Eastgate Street with Market Parade. It ran along the back of Kings Square, and was a useful shortcut for pedestrians and cyclists. At one end was Bellows the Printers, and at the other was the Lamb Inn, facing the old Market.

The Market Parade end of Dog Lane exists today as a ramp leading to the Eastgate Shopping Development.

The rear of the Lamb Inn can be seen on the right with the Double Diamond advertisement.
The approximate site of the Lamb Inn.

Gloucester Journal: September 21st, 1878 – Henry Cox, landlord of the Lamb public house, was summoned at the City police court, for having his house open at twenty past eleven on Sunday morning. He pleaded guilty saying he was away from home; a woman who did work in the house was supplied with beer and he was sorry for it. Fined 10s. and costs.

Landlords at the Lamb Inn include:

1878 Henry Cox

1879 C. Rodway (Lamb, New Market)

1893, 1906 J. Reading

1936 F.J. Hawker

1939,1957 F. Hawker

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