The Lamb Inn was located on the corner of Lamb Lane. The building is now a private residence with three bay windows.

In the 1891 licensing book of Gloucestershire premises the Lamb Inn is listed as a beer house, free from brewery tie. Thomas Stephens was the occupier and owner. He is recorded at the Lamb from 1871 to 1892 and it seems that Mary Stephens was his wife as she is listed as occupier at the same property in 1891 and 1903. The annual rateable value was £22.10s.0d. and ‘time, gentlemen please’ was called at 11 pm. The Lamb Inn was sold by the Stephens family to the Forest Brewery in Mitcheldean – (in 1903 Francis Wintle was the owner). However, in 1910 Howard Stephens was in residence. It is more than likely that the sale of the privately owned free house to Wintle’s brewery was financially an offer that the Stephens family simply could not refuse.

When the Forest Brewery put their tied estate on the market in 1923 the Lamb Inn had a ‘service bar, smoke room, beer store, kitchen and small room’ on the ground floor. There were three bedrooms and a club room upstairs and to the rear of the Lamb Inn was a ‘yard with roll-way for casks, wash-house, closet, public urinal and a long strip of garden.’ The Lamb Inn closed c.1928.


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