The Laburnham Inn was located on the opposite side of the road from the Laburnam Hotel. It was located at 15 High Street (1957 reference).

Bennetts Business Directory of 1908 refers to the Laburnham Inn, Albany Street and Upton Street.

Frank Charles Trigg had been landlord of the Laburnham Inn for 32 years in 1939. At that time he was 69 years old.

The Laburnham Inn is now a private residence.

Landlords at the Laburnham Inn include:

1856,1870 John Carless

1885 Alfred Sysum

1891 Charles Marshall (15 Barton Terrace)

1893 F.C. Trigg (Laburnham Inn)

1902 George Gregory

1906 Albert Ernest Joyner

1907,1939 Frank Charles Trigg

1957 William J. Trigg

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