8 Kingsholm Road in 1919 Kellys directory and present day address.

The Kingsholm Inn may have once brewed its own beer as there is an 1863 reference to the Kingsholm Brewery. It later became a tied house of Godsell & Sons, Salmon Springs, Stroud. At that time (c1925) it was the headquarters for St Marks AFC, Gloucester City Albion AFC, The Old Plutonians AFC and the Northgate AFC. It was also the general headquarters of the Gloucester flying club and the St Marks Angling Club.

Courtesy Darrel Kirby

The pub is opposite Gloucester Rugby Football ground and is a shrine for ‘Glawster’ fans. The pub sign probably depicts Gloucester’s three 2003 World Cup winners – Trevor Woodman, Andy Gomarsall and Phil Vickery.

The Kingsholm Inn in 2006

Before the Kingsholm Rugby ground was built there was a small racecourse nearby and as a consequence the pub is still referred to on occasions as the Jockey. There is a reference to a Horse & Jockey in nearby Sweetbriar Street in 1856. The Kingsholm Inn has a skittle alley.

The pub also has a ghost – a middle aged lady wearing a black shroud has been seen in recent times.

Landlords at the Kingsholm Inn include:

1859 Sarah James

1879 W.H. Styles

1885 Miss Hannah S. Phillips

1893 A.W.M. Stephens

1902 Frederick Smith

1906 A. Edward Gardner

1919,1927 Arthur Victor Byard

1936,1939 Daniel A. Wyburn

1957 W. Lawrence

1985 Len Stokes

1994, 1997 Rob and Sandra Gough

1997 (May) Danielle Gainsford and Rick Phillips

2001,2007 Keith Bryon and Mary Barnes

2007 Keith and Mary Bryon

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