The ‘Stroud News’ reported on March 25th 1862 that Watts Hallewell & Biddell of the Stroud Brewery had taken possession of the Kings Head.

There is a reference in 1885 to the Kings Head at the Cross, Stroud. 41 High Street in 1919 directory. “…. on the north side of the cross immediately below Silver Street is an old inn called the Kings Head… On the same site stood another pub called the White Hart.”

The Kings Head was demolished in the 1970’s.

Licensing Details:

Owner in 1891: Stroud Brewery

Rateable value in 1891: £25.0s.0d.

Type of licence in 1891: Alehouse

Owner in 1903: Stroud Brewery

Rateable value in 1903: £25.10s.0d.

Type of licence in 1903: Alehouse

Closing time in 1903: 11pm


1830 Joseph Birt (White Hart)

1856 Mrs M. Davis (White Hart)

1830 Elizabeth White

1838 Simon Wood

1856 Mrs M.A. Blanton?

1885 Mrs Eliza M. Perkins

1891,1906 Enos Webb

1919 James H. Holland

1927 Ernest Harris

1939 Albert Raven

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