39 Upper Bath Road in 1926 and 182 Bath Road in 1939. There was once a small brewery at the Kings Arms, Samuel Carter is described as a brewer in 1883. The Kings Arms had a brown tiled exterior. In October 1913 the landlord, William Page, was charged with permitting drunkenness on the premises. William was fined £1 despite claiming that he was unable to properly supervise his pub at the time the local constable called as he was in bed with muscular rheumatism.

The Kings Arms closed in 1969.

Harriet Hall is listed as the owner of the Kings Arms in Bath Road in 1891 and she was succeeded by Charles Hall in the 1903 enumeration of licenced properties. Presumably they were related, I assume husband and wife. Both Harriet and Charles leased the Kings Arms to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. It was designated as a beer house and throughout the twelve years from 1891 to 1903 it had a constant annual rateable value of £21.5s.0d.

Landlords at the Kings Arms include:

1856 T. Tuckett

1870 Abijah Kerry

1878,1883 Samuel R. Carter – listed as a brewer in 1883

1891 William Shorey

1903 Charles Young.

1904 Joseph Martin

1905,1913 William Frank Page

1926 Joseph Webb

1930 Ellen Webb

1939 Frederick Smith

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