Near the junction and on the other side of Cowship Lane and the B4058.

The Hunters Hall closed c.1890.

There is a local story that the miners at the nearby colliery were drinking in the Hunters Hall when floodwater entered the mine. Their tools were lost in the flood. The same story is also told of the colliery at Yate when the miners were supping beer in the Engine Inn.

Another story is that there was an incident when the pumping gear on the last coal mine in the village was destroyed by miners who had been drinking at the Hunters Hall. However, the source of this reference is not recorded and may be unreliable.

Hunters Hall in Cromhall is not listed in either the 1891 or 1903 Gloucestershire Licensing Books.

Hunters Hall still stands and is now a private house.


1881 Mr. Taylor

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