The Horse and Groom was a tiny pub immediately to the south of the railway bridge in London Road. In fact the pub was literally in the shadow of the embankment leading to the bridge. It must have been demolished in the late 1970’s. I can remember drinking there in 1978 when it was serving Ind Coope light mild brewed at the Romford brewery. The Horse and Groom had a long association with Ind Coope.

The Horse & Groom is the building abutting onto the railway bridge. (Courtesy Paul Dowle)

It was Ind Coope who had acquired the Hatton’s Northgate Brewery in George Street, Gloucester – a stone’s throw away from the Horse and Groom. Arthur Hatton is listed as landlord at the pub in 1885. This suggests that the Horse and Groom was once tied to the Hatton’s Northgate Brewery.

Landlords at the Horse & Groom include:

1879 E. Noble

1885 Arthur V. Hatton

1893 M.J. Phelps

1902,1906 Mrs Eliza Messenger

1919 Herbert James Phelps

1927 William James Byard

1936 E.W. Jones

1939 Alfred Aldhouse Wyburn

1944 George James Corlett

1957 Thomas H. Critchley

1976 Dorothy Bye

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