Pigots Gloucestershire directory of 1844 lists Mary Warn as a maltster at the Horse Collar Inn, Tetbury. Mary was the wife of John Warn. They married in 1827. Her maiden name was Mary Brown and she came from Swadlingcote in Derbyshire. Her nephew was also a brewer.

The Warn family have had brewing connections with Tetbury since at least 1690. The Warn family registered a horse collar trademark for their Church Street brewery. Whether or not the trademark was taken from the name of the Horse Collar pub, or the pub named after the brewery trademark is not certain. There is also a reference to a Boot and Horse Collar Inn. There are no other details on the Horse Collar Inn at present.


1820 John Warn, Horse Collar Inn (malt house)  from Gell & Bradshaw directory.

1842, 1844 Mary Warn

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