In the centre of Gloucester in the shadow of St. Michaels church near the Cross. 1 Eastgate Street. A photo shows a Salt & Co sign. The license for the Greyhound lapsed in 1921.  The hotel was demolished in the mid 1920’s and the Cadena Cafe was built on the site.

Looking down Eastgate Street from Gloucester Cross.

Gloucester Journal.  Saturday February 12th 1870: Mrs Ann Ford of the Greyhound Inn was summoned for having her chimney on fire on Tuesday night last. The mayor said that is was rule to warn people to attend in such cases, but the defendant had not complied. Fined five shillings and costs.

Gloucestershire Chronicle. April 9th 1870: Mrs Ford of the Greyhound Inn, was charged with obstructing the thoroughfare by allowing flys and cabs to remain in the front of the inn on Sundays, to the annoyance and inconvenience of the public. Mr P.C. Agg said that on Sunday afternoon he saw that a cab remained outside the inn from half past five until half past eight o’clock and that at a quarter past nine another cab was placed there. Mrs Ford was told of the matter and she had also been warned several times previously. Mr George, was appealing on her behalf, pleaded that the absence of one of Mrs Ford’s sons who attended to that part of the business was the cause of the offence. Fined five shillings with costs.

Gloucester Journal. January 25th, 1872: At the Swansea police court, Mr Frederick Ford, of the Greyhound Hotel, in this city, was fined £5 for wilfully riding in a public conveyance whilst suffering from an infectious disease, smallpox.

Gloucester Journal. October 3rd 1885: The annual dinner of the Dock Rifles was held on Thursday evening at the Greyhound Hotel, Eastgate Street.

The Mobile Repair Centre and Holland & Barrett now occupy the site of the Greyhound Hotel.

Landlords at the Greyhound Hotel include:

1830 Maria Critchley

1856,1859 John Ford

1870 Mrs Ann Ford

1885 James Cooper

1893 A. Matthews

1902,1906 Charles Matthews

1919 Frederick Joseph Smiley

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