It is thought that the Green Dragon is the same premises as the Ludgate Brewery. It had closed by 1911.

Ludgate Brewery, Ludgate Hill?

The petty sessions licensing books of 1891 and 1903, which list all the pubs in Gloucestershire, occasionally mentions a pub that is of particular interest. Included in the Wotton Under Edge licensed premises is a beerhouse named the Ludgate Brewery. No address is given but it is reasonable to assume that it was located on Ludgate Hill. The records show that John Keynton was the owner in 1891 and it had passed to Nailsworth Brewery ownership by 1903.

An old photograph of Ludgate Hill shows the Glaziers Arms to the left and a pub advertising Nailsworth Brewery beers to the right. The name of the pub was the Green Dragon. The question is did the Green Dragon brew its own beer under the name of the Ludgate Brewery before being taken over by the Nailsworth Brewery? If this is the case the Earl Grey Inn also sold beer from the Ludgate Brewery in 1891.

Owner in 1891: ‘Tied’ to John Keynton (may have brewed on the premises)

Rateable Value in 1891: £14.10s.0d.

Type of licence in 1891: Beerhouse (may have included a licence for brewing)

Owner in 1903: Nailsworth Brewery

Rateable Value in 1903: £14.10s.0d.

Type of licence in 1903: Beerhouse

Closing time in 1903: 11pm


1891 John Keynton

1903 John J. Cole

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