There is an 1879 Gloucester Directory reference to the Golden Heart in Barton Terrace when William Harris was landlord. In 1895 he is listed at the Golden Heart Brewery in Moor Street.


The Golden Heart was almost certainly rebuilt soon after this date by new owners Godsell’s Brewery. The exterior of the Golden Heart is interesting as it has small embellishments that are usually overlooked. Over the front door is a triangular shaped canopy which houses an ornamental plastercast Godsell & Son emblem; the malt shovel clasped in hand trademark. It is amazing to think that the Godsell’s sign has been there for about one hundred years. It has been very well looked after and looks as good now as when Godsells ales could be actually drunk in the Golden Heart. At eye level at the same door are two letters carved either side of the entrance – a ‘G’and a ‘S’. Could this refer to Godsells, Stroud? There is also a West Country Ales plaque on the front of the building.

The Golden Heart is still trading, rebranded as The Treddy.

The Citizen: Martin Kirby’s Points of View: Monday November 4th 1996 – I was sad to learn of the death of Gary Dallimore, landlord at Tredworth’s Golden Heart. He was a great character who transformed a derelict back street local back into a thriving night spot, and did a great deal for local charities. Tredworth will be poorer without him.

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Landlords at the Golden Heart include:

1870, 1895 William Harris (Golden Heart Brewery in 1895)

1893, 1906 Frederick Arthur Harris

1919 Mrs Maria E. Partridge

1927 Charles Davis

1936,1939 Jesse Robinson

1957 R.A. Langley

1970’s W. Bayliss – Bill Bayliss in 1978

2002 Gary Dallimore

2003 Wendy Dallimore and Michael Wichard

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